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Once upon a time, before the world had ever heard of Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina, there was a city named Mobile. It is this Mobile - a name evocative of Mardi Gras, graceful historic homes, and a culture both antebellum and transitioning - that acts as the setting and as a silent character in Michele Feltman Strider's novella Homecoming.

Homecoming is the story of Caitlin Pearson, a college freshman on her first visit home who discovers, to her dismay, that "out of sight did not necessarily guarantee out of mind." Over the course of her visit, Caitlin endures an overly-controlling mother and her latest redecorating project - Caitlin's oversexed younger cousin, a humiliating stint as her former high school's returning Homecoming Queen, and an old-fashioned booze-and-jealousy spiked family Thanksgiving. These adventures force Caitlin to confront old wounds and new fears, as well as a future filled with uncertainty, promise, and romance.