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Daisy McLean had a happy, if unremarkable, life. The oldest of three children, she grew up in a loving family in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma. After receiving her MLS from the University of Oklahoma, she accepted an ideal job as branch librarian in nearby Midwest City. Young, smart, and pretty, with a rewarding job and fun, supportive fiance, Daisy had every reason to be satisfied... and absolutely no reason to suspect that she was secretly the daughter of award winning novelist John Anders Erickson.

After attending a memorial service for her cousin Laura-Lynn Weaver - a "black sheep" long estranged from the family flock - Daisy learns that her birth father is a writer widely considered to be on the short list for the Nobel Prize for Literature and that the woman laid to rest was actually her birth mother.

Armed with John Anders' latest novel and sections of Laura-Lynn's hand-written journal, Daisy sets off to meet her estranged father. With the diary and novel as guides, Daisy pieces together her mother's past, learning about parents' romance and discovering the profound affect it had on John Anders' future work.

Homeless is the story of Daisy's journey through the history, literature, and geography of The South on her search to find a family she never knew she'd lost.